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Wind Turbines

for solar thermal panels please visit the following link

Solar Thermal panel

for vertical wind turbines please visit the following link

Horizontal Wind Turbine

You can also link to wind turbines by size the 50 kw Wind Turbine and the 250 kw Wind Turbine


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Our team of skilled professionals takes a total solutions approach and then introduces and incorporates products such as vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) with magnetic levitation, LED indoor/outdoor lighting, and the latest in solar technologies to significantly reduce or eliminate a clients electrical operational costs as well as reducing our clients carbon footprint on our planet. For the best maui photographer use this link.

Green Energy Solutions is focused on always having the latest and most innovative products on the market today, and is constantly working with future technologies.

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We have a diverse team of engineers that will help you achieve the goals you are trying to reach to become a "GREEN" commercial/industrial or residential property.

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