3 Alternative Methods to Promote Better Oral Health

Woman on her diet for her good oral healthYour oral health goes way beyond brushing at least two times a day and flossing every other day. There are different ways you can maintain good oral health aside from these basics. Doing so can further improve not just your teeth’s appearance, but its overall health as well.

Below are alternative ways to maintain your oral health. Of course, tips and teachings from your family dentist in Lakeville should always be a priority for best results:


What you eat can affect your oral health significantly. There are food and beverages that stain your teeth, and there are those that remove too much enamel. Acidic food should only be taken moderately, as it affects the natural enamel of your teeth. Avoid all these if you want to keep your pearly whites.

Sweet food leave behind cavities that are the main culprit of tooth decay. This is why your mom keeps all those sweets from you when you were young to prevent you from having toothache again. Crunchy food like apples, on the other hand, helps clean the teeth naturally, so better munch on them. Vitamin D, calcium, and minerals found in fish oil help strengthen the teeth even more.

Check your tools

Brushing is not enough; it is important to brush with a clean and fresh set of brushes. Changing your toothbrush at least every two to three months is necessary. You may not see it, but your toothbrush accumulates bacteria that can be transferred to your teeth and do harm when brushing.

Visit your dentist regularly

Do not forget your regular visit to the dentist. Your dentist is the only person that can thoroughly inspect the status of your oral health.

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Keeping your mouth in good shape can be done in a variety of ways. Never underestimate the importance of good oral hygiene.