3 Botox Myths Debunked

Woman Having Her BotoxMany people want to look younger and more radiant. Everyone is looking for the ultimate fountain of youth. With all the cosmetic procedures and products today, it’s hard to choose which one’s right for you.

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures to eradicate those pesky wrinkles is Botox. It’s a medical procedure used to treat certain medical conditions. But, it’s also a procedure to remove the wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles.

Botox is the top minimally-invasive procedure done in the United States in 2015 with 6.7 million procedures. The Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic share few myths about Botox that have been debunked.

Botox Is Dangerous And Poisonous

Many people believe that Botox injections are dangerous and toxic. While it’s true that Botox is derived from the purified protein from the botulinum toxin, it’s safe. In fact, it has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

If You Stop Getting Botox, Your Wrinkles Will Worsen

In some cases, some people may not be able to continue with their Botox injections. The common notion is, once you stop getting the injection, your wrinkles will worse. This is not true.

Once you stop getting Botox, its paralyzing effect on the muscles will fade. As a result, the wrinkle formation will go back to its normal face. You will still get wrinkles, but they will not worsen.

Anyone Can Conduct Botox Injections

Though Botox injections are very popular today, it’s important to know that only licensed and experience health practitioners should do the procedure. If non-qualified personnel perform the Botox injections, it might lead to an increased risk of infection and other complications.

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Botox is a promising way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face, making a person look older than his or her age. But, remember to only get the injections from qualified health professionals to prevent botched cosmetic procedures.