3 Nursing Home Statistics in the U.S. That You Should Know

a senior woman at a senior homeFinding a nursing home for your elderly loved ones is never easy. Aside from the practicality, some people always have to fight and live with the guilt factor through the years. If you’re searching for one, Cozy Retire reminds that it’s important to look at statistics and trends. Keep these in mind if you’re looking for a nursing home, particularly in Ogden:

Industry and Spending

There are approximately 15,600 nursing homes across the U.S. that are included in the Medicaid and Medicare programs in 2014. These nursing homes cater to about 1.4 million frail Americans. When it comes to spending, the average nursing home stay is 272 nights. Statistics show that about 5% of senior Americans require longer stays that cost about $47,000 or more in the course of their lifetime.

Nursing Home Residents Demographics

The average age of nursing home residents is 79 years old. About 66% of nursing home residents are female. About 40% of elderly aged 65 are admitted to a nursing home in the course of their lifetime.

Prevalence of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Based on a study, over 50% of nursing home residents and assisted living residents in the U.S. have a type of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. The number is expected to increase from five million to as much as 16 million by the year 2050. This is due to the 78 million baby boomers across the US that are primed to retire soon.

You can start your research by looking at the numbers so you can make a better, informed decision. As always, it’s advisable to take your time so you don’t rush an important decision that could affect yours and your family’s lives.

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