3 Reasons Dental Health is Wealth

a woman at the dentistIn the U.S., do you know that 31.6 percent of adults aged between 20 and 44 years old have dental caries that are untreated? Sadly, only about 64 percent of American adults aged 18 and 64 years old visit their dentists.

It’s no secret that many people delay their visits to the dental office as much as they can, and they know they can suffer the consequences.

Here are reasons dental health is wealth. Keep these in mind as you look for Fredericksburg dentists such as those from Southpoint Quality Dental.

1. Other health conditions can affect your oral health.

So you think you have good oral health. But if you are suffering from eating disorders and diabetes, it can also affect your oral health. Some of these health conditions can cause the mouth to dry.

It is highly important to tell your dentist if have a disease and you are taking new medicines for it.

2. Halitosis can cost you a promotion at work.

Do you know that more than 80 million Americans are suffering from chronic halitosis or bad breath? Yikes! Sadly, in the workplace, people who have dental problems also suffer from lack of confidence needed to make it to the top.

That’s why many professionals invest in dental care to secure the advancement of their career.

3. Gum disease is linked to more serious health problems.

In a study, researchers found that 47.2 percent of American adults have periodontitis. Think that’s nothing? Remember, that’s 64.7 million Americans! Gum disease links to many serious health problems including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Therefore, prevention and cure of gum disease are very important.

4. Take Care of Your Oral health

If you do not want to suffer from the dire consequences of poor oral hygiene, take care of your teeth and gums. Visit your dentist regularly to spot, treat, and prevent any underlying causes of more serious health problems.