3 Reasons Your Child is Afraid of Dentists

a little kid at the dentistFear of dentists is real and it’s not just adults who are suffering from it. There are many children who are so afraid of dentists, it keeps them from getting dental treatment and proper oral care. Is your child afraid of the dentist? Here are the possible reasons behind the logical fear. Keep these in mind so that when you look for pediatric dentistry practitioners in Old Bridge, NJ or anywhere else, you know how to deal with your child’s fear.

Parents are bad examples

This is probably something obvious, but it’s often ignored at home. If you and your partner often talk about not going to your own dentist because of your own fears, then chances are your children would mimic what their parents do. If you keep saying your fears out loud, then you shouldn’t be surprised if your own child is afraid to go to their dental appointment.

Media influences

Are your children watching movies or cartoons that show fear of doctors? It’s easy to be afraid of something you haven’t experienced, especially if you consistently see it. It’s easy enough to be afraid of all the dental appliances and tools shown on TV, especially if you don’t know what it does and why. If your children keep seeing these and the people’s reaction to them on TV, they may become afraid themselves.

Their doctors are intimidating

Most children get intimidated easily. If they see doctors wearing lab suits and masks and talking in that adult voice they often associate with authority, they get intimidated all the more. That’s why it’s important to schedule a meet and greet appointment, so your child can get to know their doctors before getting a treatment.

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It’s hard to find doctors for your child because you both have to be comfortable with them. But take your time and the research will be worth it when you find the right pediatric doctor for your child.