3 Things Patients Want From Their Visit to the Dentist

Woman smiling during her dental checkupGood patient care is the hallmark of a good dental practice. But too often, dentists aren’t intentional in taking that one crucial step toward quality service: knowing what patients want. What your patients want would better inform you how to streamline processes in your clinic. With that, here are the things people wish they could experience from your service:

1. Reduced Wait Times

Long wait times are bothersome for patients. Not only because it’s wasted time, but also for anxious people, it’s a prolonged “torture.” This significantly affects their experience, even before they get to the dentist’s chair. Cut the wait times. Don’t overbook. Set up a policy for late patients. See if there are processes in actual dental treatments that could be sped up. The use of intraoral scanners and 3D printer orthodontics can significantly shorten the time in procedures, so consider adding them in your practice.

2. Good Communication

Patients appreciate dentists who explain to them what’s going to happen before they put anything on their mouths. Patients get fidgety when they don’t know what’s happening, so as much as you can, keep them informed throughout the procedure. Good communication extends to giving your patients brochures and other visually informative materials after their session. It also applies to making follow-up calls or texts, reminding patients of their next schedule.

3. Welcoming Atmosphere

It’s not enough to improve and speed up dental procedures, and build rapport with patients through constant communication with them. The environment should also be conducive for their comfort. Your clinic should have a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that even before your receptionist takes their name or they land on the dentist’s chair, they already feel a sense of reassurance. How do you create such a vibe? Play soothing music. Light up scented candles. Invest in comfortable seating furniture.

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Create a pleasant experience for your dental patients. Start with knowing what they want from your practice.