4 Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Little Boys

Planning a birthday partyShow your kid just how much you love him by throwing a fun-packed outdoor birthday party. Make him even more excited by letting him join in on the planning stage of the event. Let him decide what theme to use and who he wants to invite for the celebration.

Here are four outdoor party themes that he can choose from:

Obstacle Course Birthday

Benefit from the outdoors by organising an obstacle course-themed party. Outdoor facilities such as BOUNCEInc.com.au have kids’ party venue in Melbourne, which has trampolines where kids can jump and hop around. For the games, group the kids based on their age and make sure the activity suits them. You can even set up a few obstacles for adults, so everyone can join.

Baseball Birthday

Kids and adults alike love baseball. If your kid does, then this is the perfect choice. Check out baseball fields around your area and reserve weeks ahead of time to make sure you’ll have it on your kid’s birthday. Don’t forget to serve healthy food and refreshments for everyone to charge up after the fun games.

Sprinkler Birthday

Turn your backyard into a fun and wet sprinkler-themed birthday party. Kids love playing with water so this is ideal, especially if your child’s birthday falls within summer season. Encourage your guests to get wet. But have a separate area for the food and parents who don’t want to get soaked.

Feast Birthday

Throwing a feast-type birthday party is common among Latin families, but everyone can try it. The decorations should be all-out and bursting with colours. Set up a piñata for the kids to enjoy and prepare some thrilling feast-themed games.

These outdoor party ideas are surely fun. Let your kid pick his favourites to make sure he enjoys this part specially planned for his birthday celebration.