4 Things to Look for in Choosing the Right Physiotherapist

Sports Physio in SydneyWhen you have a chronic lower back pain or even chronic stiff neck that resulted from a sport injury, then one of your friends has probably recommended to seek a physiotherapist. You will be surprised why not a doctor. This is because when it comes to musculoskeletal problems that require manipulation of the muscles and joints, the physical therapist is simply the best professional to manage the condition.

Sure, you can opt for a doctor who will be referring you to an orthopedist or even a neurologist. However, for the complaint of chronic muscle pain, do you really need a specialist doctor for that? Besides, in most cases, you will still be referred to a sports physio in Sydney such as sydneyphysiotherapist.com.au. So, how do you choose the right physical therapist for you?


Like any other professional, you need to make sure that the physiotherapist is duly licenced by professional licencing bodies. Additionally, he needs to be a member of an accredited professional organisation. APOs require their members to have a minimum number of continuing professional education credits after every several years in order to keep them well-updated in their profession.


Just like medical professionals, physical therapists also have certain specialisations. Some focus on sports medicine while some prefer to work with stroke patients. There are also physiotherapists that specialise in problems of the back, post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation, and even ergonomics. So it will be wise to identify first what type of physical therapy service you require.

Accessibility and Availability

It makes no sense to get a physical therapist who lives in the other side of the state and is only available on certain hours of the day. Accessibility and availability should thus be considered in your final choice of the correct physical therapist for your needs.

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Treatment Methods

Know that physical therapists can utilise a lot of different treatment methodologies. While they are particularly known with movement, manipulation, electrotherapy, and massage, newer treatment modalities are now present. You may need to ask your physiotherapist the different treatment methods he uses and ask him how this will help you with your problems.

Choosing the right physiotherapist is important. If you are already in pain, you simply cannot afford to make the wrong decision and further produce pain to your body.