4 Tips to Finding the Right Assisted Living Facility

Two senior citizens talking to a nurseWhen it comes to retirement, everyone wants the best care for their loved ones. But finding a good assisted living facility can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. There are many factors to consider, such as the staff’s service, available amenities, and emergency care. To help you find one that suits your needs, here’s an informative guide for choosing the right senior living facility in Orem.

1. Verify If the Facility Is Licensed and Operating Legally

Look for a state license to make sure the retirement home adheres to rules and regulations set by the Nursing Home Act. This assures you that the facility delivers service according to health standards. You also want to make sure it’s been in business for years.

There are very strict rules in retirement homes which require ample implementation. Online research can tell you whether a retirement home has fairly good reviews, a recent inspection review, or if their license has been previously revoked. A good way to probe on the safety and quality of a nursing home’s service is going to www.medicare.gov.

2. Visit Assisted Living Facilities

Once you have your prospects, it would be wise to pay a visit to the retirement home. That way, you can verify if the place is indeed well-maintained with pleasant living quarters. It would be beneficial if the nursing home is beautifully decorated with a variety of apartment floors. Seniors like a comfortable home-like setting, as well as relaxing outdoor spaces where they can go out and get fresh air. From there, you can observe the residents and get a feel of how well they are being cared for by the staff.

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3. Emergency Care and Special Services

Ask if a doctor or trained nurse is always available in case of emergencies. Some residents need 24-hour assistance, so if you think you need one, clarify it with the facility. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s, you would benefit from choosing a senior home with specialized memory care service. Also, check for things like the nurse-to-resident ratio to make sure the staff is big enough to competently take care of people living in the facility.

4. Health and Recreational Programs

A good assisted living facility offers a variety of educational activities and exercise programs for seniors. Engaging in educational activities keeps them focused and sharp. Health and recreational activities are also very important to keep seniors busy and in shape, providing opportunities to socialize and bond with other residents.

Selecting a quality senior living facility in Orem takes time, but it will be well worth it. Make sure to keep these tips in mind while you’re scouting for prospective retirement homes. Once you find the right senior community, your loved ones can enjoy improved health and a happier, more comfortable life.