A Celebrity Smile: Sofia Vergara’s Healthy Obsession

Dental HealthYou may assume that someone as gorgeous as Colombian-American model and actress Sofia Vergara wanted to land a career in the television and movie industry, from the get-go. After all, one look at her statuesque beauty easily fuels this assumption.

In reality, however, Vergara’s first career choice was far from modelling or acting – she wanted to be a dentist.

The Modern Family actress was two semesters shy of finishing her dental degree in Columbia when she found herself drawn to the limelight of celebrity. As her fate would have it, Vergara chose to switch from dental school to the small screen. Despite the drastic change of career path, though, she remains an active promoter of good dental health.

As a matter of fact, during an interview with People magazine, she opened up about her love for oral health and called it an “obsession.”

A Healthy Obsession

Dental practitioners at Cuffley Village Dental, in Hertfordshire encourage others to adopt Vergara’s healthy attitude towards oral and dental health – especially since not everyone is a big fan of following a religious oral health routine.

Regularly visiting the dentist every three months is helpful, especially for people with issues such as gum disease. But even individuals with no pressing matters, with regard to oral health, could reap great rewards from regular trips to the dentist. While meticulous daily oral hygiene practices are a must to keep teeth in tip-top shape, it always pays to have regular professional oral check-ups. Remember: there is no such thing as a “one-size fits all approach,” when it comes to oral health, and you best leave it to a dental practitioner to decide the care you need.

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Why You Need to Get Obsessed

Even if you maintain good oral practices, your mouth is still at risk of disease. For example, oral health problems, such as tooth decay and periodontal issues are easier to resolve during the earlier stages. By undergoing a dental exam, the dentist can spot warning signs and apply preventative or restorative measures.

Professional cleaning spares your teeth from hardened plaque (otherwise known as tartar), which builds up near the gum line. Brushing and flossing are never enough; with the help of a dentist, you get rid of plaque, for a fresher smile.

Sofia Vergara may definitely be on to something, with her healthy obsession. Take note of her advice and refrain from skipping checkups and cleanings. Keep this up and you, too, could end up with a movie star smile.