A Different Kind of Party: Fresh Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in the Office

RaftingChristmas is right around the corner. And for the multitude of average Joes working shifts in their Denver offices, that means the prospect of the yearly office Christmas Parties are near.

But after years of working in the same company, do you think they at least want something different from the usual eating out, games and exchange gift sessions? The holidays are meant to be a blast.

Here are some ideas to treat your people to the best Christmas excursion ever!


Most people expect gifts in the Yuletide season. But for your company, perhaps it will be more fun and exciting to have the employees actually fight for them? Set up a nice sports festival for the entire office personnel from basketball to other sports and games. Reserve a day or two, and plan great team building activities that will actually have their competitiveness brought out in synch with the holiday spirit.

The winning team gets the best prize, whether they be Christmas groceries, gifts, or a day or two of paid leaves to enjoy the holidays with their families longer. People are sure to appreciate that.

Outdoor Excursion

Who says company outings cannot be held at the same time as Christmas parties? Building upon the first idea, you can set out to schedule a year-end Christmas excursion for the employees. It can be at a simple resort or function venue, or just a public pool.

Christmas is that time of the year where everything is about to close to give way for New Year’s. Give your people a blast and take them on an adventure. There are many outgoing activities available in Denver far and near, from americanadventure.com white water rafting to wonderful adventure tours in mountain parks. Give them great memories with their officemates and the company as a whole.

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Any company is only as good as its workers. Make sure you keep their morale up, and on Christmas of all occasions.