A Missing Tooth Doesn’t Have to be the End

Dental implantTooth loss can be a big deal. Losing things is frustrating and a bit depressing. Unfortunately, teeth that are lost cannot be found. But the good news is, they can be replaced with brand-new custom-made replacements, otherwise known as dental implants in Birmingham.

Losing a single tooth or multiple teeth can have a negative impact on the way people feel and how they live. It might be that since experiencing tooth loss, a person cannot smile because they are too embarrassed of their problem. Not being able to smile can affect a person’s happiness, and no one deserves to have a constant frown on their face. In Birmingham, dental implants act as natural-looking replacements and can be fitted by experienced implant dentists, such as those at the Sutton Implant Clinic. No longer will that person have to keep their smile a secret.

Missing teeth also make elements of daily life difficult. Tooth loss can cause someone discomfort when they bite and chew. This might mean that their diet is limited to soft foods because they want to avoid the pain caused by tougher foods. By replacing the teeth lost, dental implants in Birmingham serve as sturdy and long-term replacements. That way, people will no longer have to search high and low for the softest foods on the menu when they go out to dinner with family and friends.

Getting to know dental implants in Birmingham

Although procedures like dental implants may seem daunting to some, getting to know the treatment can make things more comfortable. Essentially, the small titanium screws fitted into the jawbone act as artificial roots that anchor the replacement tooth or teeth. Whether a person needs a single tooth or several teeth to be replaced, the use of crowns, dentures or bridges fixed onto the dental implants make that possible. These are created by dental technicians for each individual patient, designed to match their remaining teeth and are put in place once a healing period of several weeks has passed, to allow the implants to integrate with the jawbone.

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So if a person with missing teeth is considering dental implants in Birmingham, they are already on their way to a confident and healthy smile.