A Parent’s Guide to Caring for Children with a Learning Disability

GirlBeing a parent is challenging enough, so what more if you discover that your child has a learning disability? The pressure and responsibility double because you need to make sure that your child is receiving care that’s appropriate for his condition. If you feel like giving up, remember that your child has nobody to rely on but you. To avoid burnout, take note of the following points that may help you:

Find People Who Understand

Many families think that having a child with learning disabilities is unfair; they sometimes fall into the trap of thinking they’re the only ones in the world who are suffering. What they don’t realize is that thousands of families go through the same thing every year. Don’t let this kind of thinking discourage and overwhelm you.

Helpguide.org, Understood.org, and Myeducationalsolutions.com all recommend finding people who understand or share the same situation, as this may help relieve the feeling of isolation. Find a special needs advocate or join a support group within your area to help you cope with your feelings. You can share what you feel, and hear their stories, so that you don’t feel alone and possibly learn better ways to deal with the situation.

Find Ways to Deal with Stress

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin reported that mothers of children with special needs, like autism, suffer from chronic stress similar to combat soldiers. As stress causes negative effects on the mind and body, it’s best for you to know how to fight it.

Having a child with learning disabilities doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dedicate every second of your life looking after them. Ask for help from your partner or any member of the family to look after them even for a day. Find a way to unwind, whether by going to the spa or having a chat with your friends. Find activities too that you and your child can enjoy together.

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As a parent, giving up is not an option. To support your child regardless of the situation, you also have to take care of your well-being. Learn how to cope to avoid burning out.