Activities in Singapore: Celebrating its Five Decades — Safely

SingaporeSingapore has reached a milestone this year — turning 50. The city state, which is a former British colony, has a lot of reasons to celebrate its independence. Five decades since its separation from Malaysia have turned Singapore into one of the world’s richest countries.

The National Day of Singapore may have already passed, but the festivities are not over yet. There is still a string of outdoor concerts in many of its parks. And you’re not experiencing Singapore to the fullest until you attend one.

Going to an outdoor concert is fun — especially if you love music. The anticipation starts to build up once you see lorry crane services and the staff checks the instruments on stage. Attending an outdoor concert, though, can pose a couple of hazards. Here are some tips to help you be safe while enjoying music under the sky:

  1. Bring only what you need.

Nothing beats being fully equipped when heading out, but only bring the essentials. Picture yourself in an open space filled with people. With your backpack, you will have a hard time getting around the crowd.

Use a smaller bag to move around freely. What should you put inside it? Concert tickets, cash, your mobile phone — and some water.

  1. Know what to wear.

Expect the atmosphere to be humid, mostly because of the crowd. Wear loose fitting clothes. Avoid cover-ups, since you don’t want to be twice as sweaty as the others. Take a raincoat with you, just in case.

  1. Study the area.

Before heading to the centre of the crowd, go around the venue. Know where to go for medical assistance and find the toilets. It’s also advisable to eat before the show starts. Check the food booths prior to the event.

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If you’re an event organiser, studying the area involves making sure the equipment are in the right places. Talk with the operators handling lorry crane services and prepare them for the big crowd to avoid accidents.

Afterwards, find your spot. It’s better to arrive early to score the best view. Most importantly, remember to be courteous and cautious. People may get rough at outdoor concerts, so prepare yourself for anything. That way, the experience will be more fun.