Affordable but Vital Tips to Promote Your Veterinary Clinic

Dachshund being checked by a doctorEvery business venture needs to have a solid promotional plan to be able to grow and expand. The same can be said for your veterinary clinic but it would be problematic with a limited budget. With these pointers, you can already create a strong start-up promotional process to make your clinic’s presence known.

Personalized Giveaways

This may cost you but personalized merchandise is still more economical than multimedia advertising. You can order custom veterinary promotional products in bulk so you can reduce the price per piece. If you still can afford it, purchase via retail to make your budget fit then aim to get larger orders when your market expands.

Free or Discounted Services

Offer consultations for free while basic medical services can be given at discounted prices. You can easily consider the time and materials used as worthy investments since they will bring in possible clients. Make it a part of a promotional offer such as “Bring-A-Friend” or “On-The-5th-Visit” programs to encourage customer loyalty and word-of-mouth.

Socio-Civic Participation

Look up community events where you can be a part of. This may mean investing time and effort but at least you won’t be shelling out that much when participating in these kinds of activities. Offer yourself as a speaker for pet care and be exposed to the many pet owners in your area without having to pay for a video or print ad.

Online Contests

This is quite easy to set up and will cost you almost nothing. The prizes you give can still be your promotional giveaways, once you have them, or your free/discounted services. Just make sure that your clinic has its own social media sites and all your clients are connected to it. This will make it easier for you to facilitate your games.

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Once you’ve already grown and solidified your customer base, you can then invest a little more in marketing and promotions. This move can guarantee customer loyalty and stronger client acquisition.