All About Orthodontists and How They Differ from Typical Dentist

orthodontist in LaytonMuch like doctors, dentists also specialize in different areas, one of which is orthodontics. This branch of dentistry focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of irregularities in the positioning of the teeth and jaw.

What do dentists specializing in orthodontics do? How do they differ from typical dentists? Here are a few bits of information for you.

Dentist vs. Orthodontist

Simply put, orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are classified as orthodontist. Both professions focus on improving people’s oral health. But, an orthodontist specializes in correcting bites, occlusion, and imperfections in the alignment of teeth.

For a dentist to become a qualified orthodontist, they need to get three more years of university-based study. They need to pass an orthodontic residency program to gain the necessary clinical experience in the field. The program has to be approved by the American Dental Association.

What Orthodontists Do

Orthodontists help patients correct wide gaps between teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and improper bite such as overbites, under bites, and cross bites. Other dental issues that require their service include teeth overcrowding, jaw misalignment, and temporomandibular joint disorder.

They also provide solutions to people who wish to aesthetically improve the appearance of their teeth. says many orthodontists also provide a range of cosmetic dental services to provide complete solution to their patients.

How They Provide Solutions

They use different types of dental appliances to correct issues concerning your teeth and jaw. The most common ones are braces, plates, and headgears.

Braces, a type of fixed dental appliance, are composed of brackets and/or wires and bands. They are mainly used to correct teeth alignment. Aligners are another common device. Used in correcting slightly misaligned teeth, aligners are mostly unnoticeable and removable, unlike braces.

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Retainers, on the other hand, are used to prevent the corrected teeth from moving back to their former places. They are placed on the roof of the mouth.

These are only some of the treatments you can get from an orthodontist. If you need such solutions, make sure to choose an orthodontist that’s accredited by the American Association of Orthodontists, the field’s regulating body.