Are Monotonous Workouts Effective?

Women in the gym working outThere are numerous ways to lose weight, each promising good results and better health. If you enjoy the workout you do, you can avoid feeling exercise as a monotonous chose to keep your body fit. But if you’re doing the same routine every day, will that render your weight loss program ineffective?

Research and studies find that while changing routines and sticking to one routine have its advantages, workouts are more effective when you’re always doing something new. Here’s why it is not useful for everyone and what that will mean for different fitness programs.

Varying Factors of Effective Workouts

According to a fitness training studio in Chelmsford, people’s bodies are biologically different. Men and women do not have the same effective workout, neither do all women. For a really effective weight loss program, one needs to find the right balance between diet, exercise, and the right lifestyle.

This is in support of two separate studies, which prove that both standardized (the same workout applied to everyone) and monotonous (the same workout practiced by one person) are much more ineffective.

In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health showed that young adults were less likely to find standardized programs helpful. In fact, the researchers found that adolescents and young adults possibly needing modified weight control methods to be effective.

This relates to a 1998 entry in the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science. According to Dr. Thomas D. Fahey, the body adapts to the stress of exercise. This means that workouts that seem tiring at the beginning become less difficult months later.

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The Future of Working Out

So, what does this mean for weight loss programs? While a monotonous workout may not be effective, one way to avoid becoming too complacent is to make the workout much more difficult. If the workout involves running a certain length, try increasing it further as you go along. If you work with a professional trainer, they understand this need to avoid monotony and will provide necessary adjustments as you go along.

While there are numerous ways to lose weight, to keep your weight loss effective, it is important to keep your exercise varied and challenging. This will ensure your body continues to adjust while your workout will see positive results.