Are You Losing Weight Safely?

Woman Exercising to Lose WeightIf you are reading this, you are probably already on a weight loss program or are considering starting the journey to a healthy weight. Chances are that you have checked for relevant information online and found thousands of answers. A random search for “how to lose weight safely” on Google during the writing of this post gave 960,000 results. 

One would hope that with all those options, getting a reliable and safe weight loss program in Singapore is just a click away. Instead, many women are suffering from the frustrations of weight loss programs. That is why this 3-point guide on safety is so important.

1. Avoid Over the Counter Diet Aids

There is no doubt many people use shakes and diet pills to shed weight, but this is only a temporary solution. What is even more worrying is that the relevant bodies in Singapore do not regulate most of these medications. Many people are using unsafe products unknowingly. Always consult your physician before using any supplements.

2. Avoid Burnout

When you want to lose weight very fast, the temptation to push yourself to the limit can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout. The danger with burnout is that it can easily make you lose motivation or even lead to injury. How do you avoid it? Simply use a measured approach.

3. Avoid Detoxification and Cleansing Programs

Your liver and kidneys can handle all the detoxification and cleansing needed by the body. An article in the Harvard Health Publications terms the detoxification craze as dubious. Interestingly, people across the globe still embrace this practice oblivious of the dangers it presents. For example, cleansing and detoxification expose the body to dehydration, impaired bowel function, lung irritation among other risks.


You exercise, count your calories and follow other regimens with amazing dedication, yet your body seems to be suffering more than it is benefiting. Even with a good fitness program and a strong will, you could be making basic mistakes and affecting your weight loss program in Singapore. Avoid them for a healthy and safe weight loss journey.