Australia’s Global Reputation for Artistic Excellence

Australia’s Arts and Culture SceneEach year, Australia’s most popular cities welcome people from all countries and walks of life with a taste of arts and culture. With a country so rich in cultural heritage, diversity, and state-of-the-art galleries, the country’s investments in artistic excellence are surely paying off.

Sydney’s Symbolism

Sydney is home to cultural landmarks that have long held special significance to Australia. The Sydney Opera House, the iconic multi-venue performing arts centre, with the panoramic Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background, has become a key attraction.

But the city has plenty more to offer, with arts and culture line-ups ranging from award-winning festivals, year-round exhibitions across galleries, acclaimed Bangarra dancers to surreal light art spectacles.

Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct

Thanks to big investments and initiatives, Brisbane is cultural wasteland no more. Art has always been ingrained in people’s lives, but there were very few avenues to express it and share the experience with the community. With the development of the Cultural Precinct, a place where arts and culture converge, Brisbane’s home-grown artists have gained confidence.

The Gallery of Modern Arts and the Powerhouse are among the best in the world. If you’re putting up a show, no matter how big or small, venue hire is easy to come by. The continuously expanding Cultural Precinct very much resonates in all aspects of life in this promising city.

Melbourne’s Street Culture

Melbourne is a hotbed for individual artistic expression. Its thriving coffee and street culture, hole-in-the-wall eats, and independent art scene have earned itself the title of “Hipster City.” Melbourne has proclaimed itself as the country’s cultural capital, but for good reason too.

Beyond its famous laneway graffiti and dense commercial gallery scene, the city has gained a good reputation for fostering a diverse, multi-layered culture and society. The street scene is so vivid that wherever you go, you’d get a good dose of art and culture.

These three cities also happen to be the top destinations for foreigners and students as well. Not only do they house iconic culture institutions, they also offer a diverse range of experiences spanning all aspects of life and community.