Beyond the Basics: The Little Secrets That Make an Event Great

Enjoyable EventThe right mix of spontaneity and planning makes an event enjoyable. Here are tips to organise a truly memorable function:

1. Ask for help.

Planning a function demands several skill sets and you need another eye. Another person reviewing your work (in this case, the event plan) will be able to see the details you may have overlooked.

2. Communicate.

So you already have a plan but it’s still going to be a disaster if you cannot effectively communicate the program flow with everyone involved. All organisers should have a printed copy of the schedule and be verbally oriented on what’s going to happen. Communication should be efficient all throughout the function.

3. Plan and schedule but be flexible.

Things not going according to plan need not be a disaster. Just go with it, so to speak. Social or corporate gatherings should be relaxing not rigid so worry less and live in the moment more.

4. Pay extra attention to the food and venue.

Brisbane’s function venues that serve attractively garnished great tasting food are the best places to hold an event. Every single guest is looking forward to loving the food. Whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, you can’t go wrong with the classy vibe of a good hotel.

6. Put together a good script.

Although it is not meant to be read word for word, a script that’s funny, thoughtfully written, and transitions smoothly guides the flow of the program and minimises dead air or stalling.

7. Use the VOG.

The VOG or the “Voice of God” is an off-stage recording played at the beginning of the program before the emcee speaks. It is very important to start strong so excite the crowd even before the emcee speaks.

8. Seek help from the audience.

If there are activities like games or perhaps a forum discussion, talk to some members of the audience ahead of time and ask them to join. That takes care of your first round of participants. The rest of the crowd will follow enthusiastically.

Guests have taken time from their busy schedules to be at your event so give them a good time. How do you do that? Plan carefully, relax, and smile.