Braces – Time to Get Straight About What is on Offer

Cosmetic Dental BracesBraces used to mean a lot of dental hardware and time to get the results you want. It is still usually worthwhile because perfecting your smile has such a great impact on your self-assurance but, what if there were other options?

It is important to have the look you want during treatment as well as after. No one can put their life on hold while they get their teeth straightened and you should not have to. It is understandable if you have been delaying getting work done because of concerns over how your braces will look at work or when you are out and about. This is something they understand at practice like Aura Dental in North West London and that’s why they carry a range of discreet or invisible braces options for you to choose from.

Your options

Invisalign is one solution – with this program, you will have a set of removable trays made especially for your teeth. Over time, every two weeks, you will change out the trays and use new ones so that the system adapts as your teeth subtly move into their new positions. It is that simple and you can take them out to eat and to clean and for special occasions as long as you wear them for the minimum recommended time per day. You probably won’t need to take them out too often though because they are clear and near invisible unless someone knows to look for them. There are a number of options for clear aligners that your dentist can discuss with you.

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Another option is Cfast braces. These are closer to traditional braces but the brackets and wires are tooth coloured for unobtrusiveness. They are also faster than you think and great for those on a budget. As long as you have excellent dental hygiene, they do not need much more taking care of than your normal teeth.

Your dentist will discuss all your options with you so that you get the best of care and the right one for you. Many dentists can also advise on finance options to allow you to spread the cost over time and so you do not need to wait to get the treatment you want.