Break the Habit: The Different Ways to Stop Teeth Grinding

Man grinding his teethAt one point in your life, you found yourself unconsciously grinding your teeth. Before your clenching and teeth grinding gets worse, you have to see a reliable dentist in Tauranga such as Taylor Burley Kleiman Dental immediately as it can also affect your overall health.

Although, if you are unsure whether you still grind your teeth, watch out for the symptoms. These can include inflamed gums, sleep disruption, migraines, earaches and limitation of mouth opening. Here are some exercises that you can try.

Relax. Find a way to lower those stress levels because one of the causes of teeth grinding is stress. There are several natural methods of releasing stress, like sleeping for seven hours and meditating before bedtime.

Stretching from morning to afternoon. Stretching can provide instantaneous relief by lowering the strain in your masticatory muscles. To stretch, press your jaw muscles using your wrist and palm gazing upwards on your chin.

Afterwards, press with your chin on your wrist occasionally for a few seconds for five minutes overall. You ought to feel immediate relief.

Protect your teeth. Go to your dentist and ask him or her to have a splint or night guard custom-built for you. Wearing one every time you go to bed will lower the risks of wearing down your teeth and lower the strain on your mandibular joint.

Reduce alcohol consumption. Cut back on consuming alcohol because it is a depressant. It will only worsen your teeth grinding at night.

Stop gum chewing. Chewing gum permits your muscles to get accustomed to clenching and overworking, which will stimulate grinding. Your teeth should only touch for about 15 minutes every day, but this practice will theatrically increase the time.

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It would put abnormal pressure on your muscles and cause hypertrophy.

Besides getting help from your dentist, you also need to start new habits to get rid of the unhealthy one. By employing these, you will be on your way to grinding-less days.