Are Bugs Sheltering in Freshly Cut Christmas Trees a Cause for Concern?

A decorated Christmas treeAs the Christmas season approaches, the scramble to put up festive household decorations goes into full swing.

One of the most popular additions is the Christmas tree. Homeowners have repeatedly expressed a preference for real spruce or fir, citing a certain magical quality to a real tree that an artificial one can’t seem to provide.

Bain Pest Control, a provider of pest control services for residential and commercial properties, however, warns homeowners against the bugs lurking in their trees. A recent study shows that living Christmas trees can be home to up to 25,000 bugs.

Christmas-Tree Loving Pests

While having thousands of insects inside a Christmas tree may seem alarming, a study from the PennState College of Agricultural Sciences reveals that most of the pests are microscopic, and end up staying on the tree, anyway. While the insects can be attracted to sources of light like windows, they don’t pose a direct threat to homes and their inhabitants, because they rely on the tree to survive.

Some insects that may be nesting on a Christmas tree include:

  • Bark beetles – These insects bore holes into trees and may create small piles of sawdust. Your furniture is safe from them though, since they only feast on tree bark.
  • Mites –These predators stick to the tree, feeding on other insects and eggs. Sometimes, they stick to the tree because of birds.
  • Psocids – Psodics gorge on pollen, fungus, mold, and other insects. Over time, they may die due to the warm temperature of your home.

How Can You Keep the Bugs Out?

You can take some steps to minimize the risk of bringing the bugs home for the holidays. These include:

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Shake the tree thoroughly. Display an impressive festive feat of strength by shaking the bugs out of your tree. It won’t take long to remove them from your freshly cut tree.

Insect sprays. Consider treating your tree with sprays before you take the tree indoors.

Let it be. Don’t worry yourself further and let the insects alone. Home temperatures will usually kill the invaders before they can do any lasting damage.

Don’t let the creepy crawlies on your freshly cut home decorationskeepyou from enjoying the holidays. With the right care and preventive measure, you can keep your tree pest-free.