Business Sense: 3 Suggestions for Marketing Your Vet Practice

Vets at the veterinary clinicLike any other business, veterinary clinics need promotion to bring them to the attention of as many potential clients as possible. This is particularly important because of the noble service these clinics provide. If you’re a veterinarian, here are some suggestions that can help you market your practice.

1. Use a logo

If you don’t already use one, have a logo designed for your clinic. Printing it on the items you usually hand out to your clients will promote your practice. You can, for example, have your prescription pads, vaccination cards, and reusable bags customized to display the logo.

The same goes for the other items — such as your cage cards and stickers, veterinary address labels, pens and calendars — you need for your practice.

2. Be active on social media

To promote your practice in an inexpensive yet effective way, use social media. Sign up on social networking sites, specifically Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and directly connect with both current and potential clients.

You have to take the time to keep your accounts updated, however, by regularly commenting on posts, replying to messages and sharing relevant content. Also, make sure you post all the important details, including the clinic address, telephone number, and hours, on these sites.

3. Participate in public events

Once in a while, get out of your clinic and join public events to get the exposure you need for your practice. For example, you could participate in dog shows as a judge or sponsor. Partnerships with local animal shelters and groups for their campaigns or activities are also worth considering.

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If there are community events, such as fairs and foundation day celebrations, you could likewise be a participant and show solidarity at the same time by giving free consultations, for example.

Help your clinic grow by promoting it. Just don’t lose sight of the primary reason you went into veterinary practice — to help animals.