Cancer in Dogs and Euthanasia: What Every Pet Parent Should Know

Animal Hospice in AtlantaWhen your precious dog is going through cancer or any kind of painful disease, your main goal must be to increase his quality of life. Throughout his treatment, his needs must be evaluated and adjusted accordingly to help him undergo treatment.

The Problem with Cancer

You could address short-term issues like temporary debility or pain with medicines and adjustments to your dog’s living conditions to encourage and enhance mobility. However, there will eventually come a time when it’s just not possible for anyone to control the ill effects of cancer — unbearable pain and discomfort, inability to control basic body functions, inability to eat, sleep, or interact with others. Even hospice care might not be enough to alleviate your dog’s distress and agony. In cases like these, a popular veterinarian in Atlanta says that pet euthanasia, a dignified, peaceful, and humane death, could be an ideal option.

A Peaceful, Dignified, and Humane Death

The act of euthanasia has three prime goals. First is to alleviate suffering and pain. Second is to minimize pain, fear, distress, or anxiety that your dog might be feeling prior to losing consciousness. Finally, to offer a peaceful and painless death for your dog.

Euthanasia is commonly administered through the anesthesia injection. This will enable your dog to sleep and die without feeling anything at all. Your veterinarian will monitor your dog throughout the euthanasia to make sure the goals will be met. The initial stage is the quick loss of consciousness to eradicate suffering and fear. What follows is the loss of mobility, loss of breath, and loss of heart function. And finally, the loss of brain function.

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Through every stage of the process, the primary concern is the humane treatment of your dog. Regardless of your decision, however, all animals should be seen as an individual with rights to supportive and kind care. Choosing euthanasia could be your final act of love for your treasured pet.