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Does Your Family Love Soda?

Heavy soda consumption is not just associated with obesity and diabetes; it has also been linked to dental health problems like tooth decay. In fact, a steady diet of soft drink is one of the leading causes of tooth decay.  Such beverages contain lots of [Read More]

3 Impressive Benefits You Get From Hiring Locums

Top health facilities have for years recognized the benefit of hiring locum tenens hospitalists when experiencing gaps in coverage. In any case, your patients expect nothing less than the highest level of service all year round, and you must ensure they get just that. Here are three [Read More]

Elderly Care: First Aid for Fainting

Fainting isn’t usually serious in younger individuals, but fainting in the elderly could be an underlying indication of a more severe health issue. If you witness an elderly person faint, keep these following steps in mind: First, attempt to break his fall. Try to safeguard his head [Read More]