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Where Science Stands in the Fluoridation Debate

Water fluoridation has been a part of every American’s daily life for more than seven decades. Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first US city to adjust the fluoride content of its drinking water supply and implement community water fluoridation in 1945. Healthier Colorado – Fluoride [Read More]

Why Businesses Choose to Outsource Their Bookkeeping

Running a business isn’t always a walk in the park. Entrepreneurs need to stay on top of everything, such as selling and promoting their products or services, keeping their employees happy and well-compensated, and strengthening their alliances with suppliers, investors, and partners. Another major aspect [Read More]

Funerary Practices Then and Now

Acknowledging the death of a loved one, either a friend or a relative is an essential part of funerary practices all over the world. Funerals are often sad scenarios, but Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory explain that funerals are the final way to give respect and [Read More]

Is it Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth?

While the image of wearing braces is commonly associated with kids and teens, adults can also benefit from an orthodontic treatment. The best time, however, is when the baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth or at about 12 years old and above. But you [Read More]