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Ways to Treat May Thurner Syndrome

It might not be a kind of disorder that is highly visible, but abnormalities concerning the veins can affect life in various ways. Although it is not always life threating, knowing and treating these conditions is a must as a preventive measure before it progresses [Read More]

Dermal Fillers: What are Your Options?

Botox treatments are an ideal cosmetic option for rejuvenating your skin and reducing wrinkles and frown lines among other uses. SLC Botox treatment is however contraindicated in patients with medical conditions involving nerve and muscle damage. For these patients and others who are not too keen [Read More]

Don’t Hide Your Smile

If you’re self-conscious or embarrassed with the way your teeth looks, trying to hide your smile will never solve the problem. It is important to talk to your dentist to find ways to improve your smile. Whether you’re dealing with missing teeth or yellow smile, [Read More]

Services You Can Enjoy at Home

We're close to ending another year of technological advancement. We're one step closer to a life that's fully connected online. This means increased convenience for everyone. Even today, some services and activities don't require leaving the house.  These activities are convenient and enjoyable because you [Read More]

Why You Need to See an Orthodontist

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on aligning teeth and the jaw to improve your smile, as well as improving chewing, speaking, and overall oral health. Your orthodontist may recommend braces for crooked and misaligned teeth. There are a variety of options available to [Read More]

How Has Orthodontics Changed Over the Years?

People have always valued good teeth and bright smiles. Archaeologists have even discovered crude forms of braces, which is an important orthodontic appliance today. Exponential progress The goal of early orthodontic treatments has not changed with time, but the methods have changed and advanced exponentially. [Read More]