Chew on This: What Makes an Effective Dental Clinic Design?

Dental clinic machineThe design of your dental clinic can make or break your practice. Believe it or not, in many instances, it’s not the services or the name of the dentist that attracts (or repels) people to and from dental clinics. It’s the design of the clinic itself that’s often at the top of their considerations.

With that, be sure to keep in mind the following elements when putting up or refurbishing your space:

Functional Balance

The design of your clinic should enable you to perform these three important functions: patient comfort, services efficiency and employee satisfaction. Prioritise the procedure area. As this is the space where treatments are conducted, it’s important to bear in mind how this section can make them feel welcome and ease their anxieties.

Interior designers recommend putting up art or photographs that help create an environment conducive precisely for excellent patient comfort. On the flip side, do make sure that the space also enables you to provide the best service.

Invest in ergonomic furniture, as well as high-quality equipment to increase work efficiency and boost employee morale. Schedule regular dental equipment maintenance with experts to ensure your instruments are in good, working condition.

Natural Materials

Most of the dental clinics today maximise natural materials in interior design. You would see wooden floors, stone wall accents, or indoor wall fountains, say, at the reception area. Everyone’s gravitating towards biophilic design, the aesthetics of using natural materials to satisfy human inclination towards nature.

This is with the assumption that exposure to nature relaxes, soothes and heals, all important for improving patient’s moods and relieving the stress of employees. So when designing your clinic, look for natural materials you can incorporate.

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As mentioned, wood, stone and water features are just some elements you can explore. Don’t neglect the importance of having indoor plants and maximising natural light, too.

Effective Floor Plan

The strategic use of the space is important. It will determine just how the traffic flow will go, at the same time, how efficient work zones will be. There should be ample space for each of the sections of your clinic, from the reception area down to the dentist’s chair.

Having a cramped space can increase tension on patients. If you have a small clinic, your interior designer should be able to recommend ways to create the illusion of space, through the use of paint or smart choice of furniture.

Are you ready to revamp your dental clinic? Keep in mind these elements as you plan your office.