Dental Health: Prevent Dental Caries By Taking Care Of Your Child’s Teeth

Dental Health in MillcreekChildren are at a higher risk of having dental caries due to their love for sweets. For infants and toddlers, their fondness of formula milk predisposes them to develop dental cavities because bacteria love foods rich in sugar and these could proliferate on the tooth enamel, and eventually, form holes on the tooth.

Through the years, oral health professionals focus on providing information to young patients and their parents about the importance of dental health. However, the real challenge lies in making them understand why brushing, flossing and visiting a kids’ dentist in Millcreek are important.

Baby’s Teeth

Did you know that you can take care of your kid’s teeth even when they have not yet erupted? At a very young age, you can start brushing your baby’s teeth through a washcloth after every feeding. When the first tooth erupts, you can use a baby toothbrush.

Moreover, dentists have warned about letting your baby drink formula milk to sleep. A condition called baby bottle tooth decay could happen if you do this all the time. The exposure of the teeth to liquids containing sugar could promote bacterial proliferation.

Child’s Teeth

When the baby grows bigger and as soon as his or her teeth begin to touch, you can start dental flossing. Kids around 3 years old can already use fluoride toothpaste since they can already spit while brushing. If your child is fond of eating sweets, make sure you make them drink water or brush their teeth after.

Teens’ Dental Health

Since teenagers are older, they can handle performing these dental hygiene activities on their own. However, you still need to accompany them to the family dentist or kids dentist to make sure they undergo regular check-ups and oral prophylaxis.

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Dental health is important for all family members, especially the kids. Most people do not realize that regular visits to the dentist are vital for you and your family’s dental hygiene.