Dental Implants: What You Need To Know

Dental ImplantsWhen individuals decide to have their teeth improved for a better smile and overall appearance, cosmetic dentistry comes in. Restorative dentistry is used in cases where a person chips, breaks or loses teeth from trauma, tooth decay or natural reasons.

However, if choosing to undergo cosmetic dentistry treatment, one should understand the advantages and risks in conjunction with what you may expect from the treatment. Consider the credibility of the dentist, the cost of the procedure and special maintenance needed.

Dental implants

In dental practices in Marylebone, the procedure involves implanting a metal rod at the jawbone area and placing a crown where the tooth formerly was. This will last for a long time and keep the gum line healthy, as the implant is attached to the existing teeth.

Patient requirements for dental implants

Basically, a patient needs to have a strong and healthy jaw bone and gum tissues. Also considered are the shape, position and size of the jaw bones. Clients with diabetes, history of heavy smoking and steroid use, osteoporosis, and poor dental hygiene are discouraged from getting dental implants.

What are dental implants made of?

The implant has three parts: The titanium metal implanted in the jaw bone, a strut-like post that protrudes out of the gums and the crown to look like natural tooth/teeth.

Dental implant procedure

The dentist will first take moulds of the existing teeth to make a crown that will replace the former tooth. Choosing the correct shade of white is also performed by the dentist to make the artificial tooth/teeth look more natural.

Side effects of dental implants

Pain and bleeding at the implanted site are the usual things to expect and it is rare for an infection to occur after the implant is placed. It is advisable to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing to prevent an infection. David Madruga reminds that maintenance requires both home care and regular professional attention.

Although dental implants may be considered expensive, they provide a lifetime solution to tooth replacement. In determining the correct procedure for your dental needs, your dentist may answer any questions about the course of treatment, changes after the treatment and maintenance needed.