Dental Veneers Protect More than Just Your Pretty Smile

Veneer check for tooth crownDental veneer application is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services all over the world. Consisting of a “shell” that encases the surface of the teeth, a veneer can serve a myriad of healing and protective oral health purposes. As such, undergoing this procedure will not just make your smile a lot prettier. It will also help you maintain optimal oral health.

Why is investing in veneers worth it? Here are just some of its beneficial functions, according to a veneers specialist from Hertfordshire:

Correcting Worn Enamel

As a person ages, the tooth enamel — the thin but tough outer layer of the tooth — wears out. It is also common for this substance to become discoloured or dull. Yes, the most obvious effect is on your appearance. However, worn enamel can also increase the risks of physical damages on your teeth, including chips and cracks.

With veneers acting as another layer of protection for your teeth, you can resolve all these issues. At the same time, you will have a brighter, whiter smile.

Preventing Decay Caused by Tooth Damage

Worn enamel, chips, and cracks make your teeth more susceptible to decay. And once decay starts to eat away at your teeth, you can no longer reverse the damages. So before you even need more expensive treatment, consider having veneers applied now. This way, you can keep a beautiful smile, and at the same time, a much healthier mouth.

Protecting Your Self-Confidence

As mentioned above, tooth cavities cause irreversible damages. Yes, you may stop its progression. But, this usually involves much more expensive treatments and procedures. As such, it is always better to prevent decays from occurring in the first place. Having veneers is one of your best options to keep cavities at bay.

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These are just some of the many other reasons to get veneers. But they should be enough to know why they are a significant procedure for dental health — and not just for aesthetics.