Discretion is the Name of the Game with Braces in Watford

No one likes to be stared at, especially if they are an adult trying to do their job. Also, many people are conscious that their teeth are letting them down and would like to get them realigned with braces in Watford, but only if the braces don’t come with stares, comments, and personal questions. The dental industry has come up with some ingenious braces systems that now allow people to get their teeth straightened discreetly and quickly.

Most people work and are conscious that braces bring stares and comments, and, if they work in public-facing jobs, or are in a managerial position, having braces can interfere with what they do for a living. Many dentists, such as Cassiobury Dental, carry a range of braces in Watford, as each system does something specific, or is made to suit a particular purse and lifestyle.

Why braces can be more discreet

Adult braces have been able to evolve to become more discreet over the last 20 or so years because they do not have to do the heavy-duty work of braces aimed at youngsters. These braces are designed to align not only the teeth but also the jaws. This is work that needs to be done while the jawbone is still young and malleable and has not yet hardened, which happens during the teen years. Severe bite issues can usually be corrected with NHS treatment, although there are long waiting lists as funding is not inexhaustible.

Teeth straightening in adults, therefore, focuses on aligning only the teeth, and, often only the front six teeth that are on display as we talk and eat and go about our daily business. These teeth have only one or two roots and this can make them easier to move, with less force required. Less force means smaller equipment, and so fixed braces have come to have smaller brackets that can be made of transparent ceramic and wires that are tooth-coloured.

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Other braces systems rely on mouth guard style clear aligners, which push rather than pull teeth into position. These have the advantage of being removable for eating and cleaning but require more discipline as they have to be worn for at least 20 hours a day to do their work.