Dying Peacefully: Preparing in Life for a Good Death

Burial Ceremony in BrisbaneNot a lot of people like to think about death. Death is a sensitive subject that brings up feelings of grief and discomfort. Culturally speaking, dying in Australia is a decidedly grim affair. People spend their time alone in hospitals or surrounded by strangers in hospice care.

Dying also poses a financial burden upon their families. A burial plot within a cemetery in Brisbane fetches prices upwards of $3,445. Cremations, on the other hand, cost upwards of $1200. It seems there is no positivity in the very concept of death.

However, one can achieve a good death when you prepare for it in life. Dying peacefully is something many people should strive for. It is true that the manner of one’s death cannot be fully controlled, but some preparation does help.

Preparing for a Good Death

Some cultures have distinct definitions of what constitutes a good death. For example, the Kwahu-Tafo tribe defines a good death as a peaceful event. It means the death comes about in a natural manner after a long and fruitful life. It’s not marred by pain or disease.

A good death means the dying has no regrets. He or she must make peace with others and leave no loose ends. While this is difficult to achieve, knowing how to forgive others is essential to living a good life. Foster good relationships in life.

Taking care of your health also has its benefits. A healthy body is less likely to succumb to pain. It also allows you to enjoy the activities you love, for longer.

Preparing for your Funeral

To ease the financial burden on your family, prepare for your death by pre-planning your funeral. Prepare your last will and testament, and save up for your choice of funeral. This can help lessen the grief and stress your family goes through in the event of your death.

While you cannot control what fate has in store for you, living your life to the fullest can prepare you for a good death.