Effective and Long-Lasting Replacement Teeth

For adults who need replacement teeth in Stockport, dental implants are a durable solution that restores natural dental function. Patients can enjoy biting into and chewing their food with new teeth that feel secure in the mouth and have a pleasant aesthetic appeal. At dental practices in the north west of England, like Unidental in Stockport, dental implants give patients replacement teeth that can last for the rest of their lives, if properly cared for.

The stages of dental implants in Stockport

First of all, the patient will have a detailed consultation at their dental practice. Everybody’s tooth replacement needs are different, and implants can be used to restore a single missing tooth, or a whole set that have decayed over many years. The dentist will take images of the patient’s mouth and create a precise treatment plan. It’s important that the patient has sufficient jawbone density and good enough oral health to receive the implants, and some preliminary oral hygiene work might be needed to achieve this.

Then comes the minor surgical procedure, in which the dentist places small titanium posts into the patient’s jawbone. A short period of healing follows this procedure, after which the patient will return to the practice to have their new teeth attached to the posts.

Future advantages

After receiving their dental implants in Stockport, the patient will experience several benefits:

  • The jawbone fuses with the implanted titanium, creating a stable base so that the patient’s new teeth will function much like their old ones. They can bite and chew with confidence, and there’s no chance of the new teeth sliding out onto the table;
  • The implants are convenient, remaining in the mouth and being cleaned just like natural teeth;
  • The patient’s facial bone structure will not be susceptible to the deterioration that can happen to people who spend many years wearing removable dentures;
  • The improved tooth function and enhanced dental appearance can lead to an overall increase in self-confidence.
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Durable effects

The patient will enjoy these advantages for many years after they’ve received their dental implants. Stockport dentists know that this oral health improvement that can make a significant change to a person’s quality of life.