Entering the Security and Protective Services Industry as a Security Guard

securitySo, you are considering becoming a security guard, eh?

A security guard is part of a noble profession – putting your life in danger to protect the lives or property or both of those who employed you. In general, becoming a security guard is more like entering the police force, albeit with fewer and less intensive training.

But, just what does it take to enter a security force?


Security guards must be at the prime of their physical fitness. This means a fit body as well as the stamina to endure the many stresses of the job. Legally, you are also not allowed to work if you are still considered a minor or already an elderly. Too young and you may lack the critical-thinking and decision-making skills required even though you are physically fit. Too old and you won’t be able to survive the physical requirements of the job though you have a wealth of experience to help you be on your toes.

Level of Education

Different security agencies require varying minimum educational requirements for security guards, but at the core of it is the understanding that a security guard should have the cognitive skills to make critical and tactical decisions should an opportunity arise. In most instances, finishing high school is enough grounds for consideration in a security agency.


As security guards find themselves in a very sensitive position, everyone agrees that all security personnel must undergo certification and licensing. In this case you will need to undergo several weeks of training in various aspects of the job, take a comprehensive examination, then get certified or licensed. Depending on prevailing policies or legislature in your area, training programs can include assertiveness training, interpersonal communication skills training, negotiation skills training, and high value asset management as well as firearms training and handling, among other things.

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Security guard courses, Gold Coast or elsewhere, may vary, and there are differences by specialization and duration. Double check which is right for you.

Aside from the things mentioned above, you can always check with your local law enforcement unit especially on guidelines specific to your area. If not, a local security agency can also fill you in.