Essential Areas of Preventative Healthcare

Guy talking to a Doctor Your health is your most important asset. Most people only seek medical attention when they are not feeling well or after an injury.

These are, however, not the only instances during which you should seek medical care services. You can visit your doctor to prevent illness from happening in the first place, or to help detect it early.

Preventive care in Lehi is therefore an essential part of your overall healthcare. In fact, the stage of a disease make a difference in its management and overall prognosis.

Early disease stages are typically easier to manage and recover from than advanced disease stages. Here are some areas of preventive care your health practitioner might recommend.

Lifestyle Changes and Weight Management

Excessive weight leads to a myriad of long-term health issues. These include some types of cancer, hypertension, cardiac disease, joint problems, and diabetes.

Preventive health practitioners help their patients shed off extra weight to keep these diseases at bay and manage any conditions they suffer from. This is especially essential for at-risk individuals.

Physical and Wellness Examinations

These examinations are regularly scheduled to spot any diseases in early development. Cholesterol testing, for instance, is essential in people with a family history of cardiac disease.

Experts also recommend routine pap smears for women above 25 who are sexually active, to catch cervical cancer in its initial stages.


Vaccines are not only for children. Experts also recommend annual flu shots for everyone, as the complications of flu can be particularly severe in those with compromised immunity. Vaccinations for international travelers are required when traveling to disease-prone areas.

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Infection prevention through healthy practices is a vital form of disease prevention. Hand washing and hygienic food preparation are some of the standard disease prevention measures.

Proper nutrition is also essential for prevention of deficiency diseases and managing current conditions. Nutritious foods keep your body functions at optimal levels.