Exploring the World of Competitive Swimming

Competitive Swimming in AuroraThe rules of swimming are set to provide fair and equitable grounds for competition. They are also in place to have uniformity. With different strokes, each has its own special rules so that the competitor doesn’t have some sort of competitive advantage over the others.

The starts

The referee signals the swimmers by blowing a series of whistles. This is a sign to the swimmers that they should remove all clothing and be left with their swimwear. The referee then blows a long whistle, and the swimmers take their place on the starting platform. The starter commands the swimmers to take their marks, and they assume the starting position. Any swimmer that starts before the rest is immediately disqualified. The race continues but the false starter is disqualified at the end of the race.

Strokes and turns

In swimming, there are different strokes, including the breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly. If you don’t know any of these styles, ThelabsUSA.com reminds swim lessons in Aurora, Il, are available for residents. The stroke refers to how the style is usually performed. Each style has their own special rules regarding turning and finish. Turn rules refer to how a swimmer will go about turning around when they are at the end of the pool.


There are many factors that can cause a swimmer to be disqualified. They include obstructing other swimmers, unsportsmanlike behavior, and false starts. A swimmer must finish in the lane that he started in. Grasping the lane dividers can also lead to disqualification.

All the rules are put in place to level the ground for all swimmers. They should be respected and followed without fail. Swimmers must also respect all the officials.

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