Fine Dining Etiquette to Remember

Fine DiningIntroduction

The ambience of a restaurant adds to the atmosphere of the dining set-up. In Brisbane alone, places where one can host private dining functions are available. However, it is not very often that one is invited to a private fine dining function.

Here is a list of the basic do’s and don’ts of fine dining etiquette to serve as a reminder for the next event you will attend to.

Fine dining do’s and don’ts

  1. Do dress appropriately

Check the dress code and dress appropriately. Do not attempt to “outdress” your host.

  1. Do not put your phones, wallets and keys on the table

Avoid using your phone during the duration of the dinner as well. Leaving your phone, wallet or keys on the dining table can distract other guests and is deemed rude.

  1. Do follow the outside-in rule

Different cutleries can confuse you, do not forget to follow the outside-in rule in deciding which utensils to use. Start with the outermost pieces and work your way in.

  1. Do not be afraid to send back food not cooked properly

If you feel that the food served is not cooked right, do not hesitate to call the attention of the waiter and send it back. However be mindful of other guests. Once your food is sent back, it is your responsibility to let fellow guests know it is okay to eat ahead and not wait for your order to arrive.

  1. Do not wipe your plate clean

It is acceptable to leave some food behind if you feel you have had enough. However, do not wipe your plate clean like you haven’t eaten for days.

  1. Do leave your napkin properly

After the meal, leave your napkin on the left-hand side where your plate is placed. Do not fold it, but do place it nicely.

  1. Do not forget to thank the host

Lastly, do not forget to thank the host. Sending a simple note after the function is appropriate.

While all these should be observed and kept in mind, do not forget to enjoy. Enjoy the food, the company, and the whole experience.