Freshening Up Faces

Here we all are in 21st century Britain, very privileged and lucky to live in a time when dentistry has never been so good. Watch any TV programme and see how many ordinary people now have beautiful, naturally gleaming, perfectly straight teeth. Then go back and compare that to any movie made in the 1970s, when even the most beautiful of people often had wonky teeth. Now, look at the faces of today and see how those perfect teeth can often look a little incongruent in an ageing face. That’s why non-surgical facial aesthetics in Camden are increasingly popular treatments. People want to bring their faces into alignment with their beautiful new smiles.

Why is a dentist well placed to carry out facial aesthetics?

Who better to offer facial aesthetics in Camden than a reputable dental practice such as Ace Dental? More and more dentists are training in facial aesthetics because they already have such an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and how it all works together. They are also already trained in skills such as the subtle use of injections and how to make nervous people feel at ease. Most dentists who venture down the facial aesthetics route also only do so after honing their cosmetic dentistry skills. A good cosmetic dentist already understands that harmony and symmetry play an important role in creating a beautiful effect.

This means they will understand that a natural look is preferable to a heavy handed look. Most dentists offer a choice between Botox and dermal fillers, or a mixture of the two.

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Botox is a purified toxin that temporarily paralyses the nerves that contract the muscles, so it’s great for smoothing out wrinkles caused by contractions, such as frown and worry lines and crow’s feet. It is precisely injected under the skin with little discomfort. Treatment usually only takes 10 minutes, with results becoming apparent within about a week.

Dermal fillers use either collagen or hyaluronic acid to plump out wrinkles and hollows and are often used around the mouth and cheeks.

Both treatments are temporary, lasting between 4 months to a year before they need top up treatments for facial aesthetics in Camden.