Funerary Practices Then and Now

funeral venueAcknowledging the death of a loved one, either a friend or a relative is an essential part of funerary practices all over the world. Funerals are often sad scenarios, but Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory explain that funerals are the final way to give respect and gratitude to those who have been part of our lives.


Across various cultures, there are different burial practice to remember the life of that someone whose journey has ended. Some are traditional like burial or cremation. A funeral home in Ogden says that funeral arrangements made in advance help relieve bereaved family members at a difficult time.

These funeral arrangements often cover customary practices, such as cremation and traditional burials. These plans also include flowers, the coffin, and even the wake and funeral procession.

The Odd

But even in this digital age, many parts of the world still observe traditional but unorthodox ways of remembering the dead.

In Eastern Indonesia, the deceased were referred to simply as “persons who are sick,” or even those “who are just asleep.” They have their special rooms where their family takes care of them.

In New Orleans, internments are accompanied by jazz music. The band plays sorrowful dirges to show grief, but once the body is buried, they shift to a boisterous note.

The Vajrayana Buddhists of Mongolia and Tibet cut the deceased into pieces and placed them on mountaintops. They were exposed to the elements and vultures, believing in the transmigration of spirits after death.

The Contemporary

These days burials often follow a similar flow. The laying down, the preparation, the wake, and the funeral form the basic flow of many funerals. When the family chooses cremation, they have the choice of burying the body or storing it in a columbarium.

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Some people prefer to scatter the ashes, but some countries limit the scattering of such ashes in a designated area such as a cemetery.

Despite the unique and diverse funerary rites all over the globe, remembering lost loved ones by celebrating their happy moments will always be the best memorial we could give them.