Getting Back in Shape for New Moms

A Mom After Giving BirthThere’s no joy quite like holding your baby in your arms for the first time. Nine months of waiting and there she is finally. Now, all your time will be devoted to your newborn. Such is motherhood – your priorities shift, and the simple things you used to take for granted are now things of luxury.

When you’re a mom, you suddenly have less time to pamper yourself the way you used to. To keep your beauty regimen back on track, find some little things to enjoy in your spare time.

Try to get as much rest as you can

This may be easier said than done. For every mom who takes a nap while the baby’s napping, there are two who are squeezing in some chores. Now is the time to be super devoted to time management. If this is difficult, seek your husband or family’s help. If someone can pitch in, you should get as much sleep as possible. You will have a more difficult time getting back in shape and getting back to that natural skin glow if you lack rest.

Work out

Don’t rush it, but don’t sit around waiting for those extra pounds you gained during pregnancy to fall off. Do some easy chores as soon as it’s safe for you to do so. Work with your doctor on this. You may have to hit the gym or the park to getting re-energizing your body rhythms. Your diet should be healthy for both of you and your baby.

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Think about a makeover

Diet and exercise are foremost in getting back in shape after childbirth. Plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Warnock from Utah suggests getting a mommy makeover to help your diet and workout regimen in sculpting your body. Make sure to visit only a licensed professional for this, and be realistic about what you want to achieve that’s good and safe for you.

Being a mom is the greatest joy. It means giving your all for a new life, but that doesn’t mean leaving your own needs behind. You and your baby both deserve to look beautiful and feel healthy.