Going Old School: Printed Materials for Today’s Businesses

Billboards along a busy city streetDespite the rise of digital marketing, physical advertising materials are still viable methods of increasing your company’s visibility and reach.

Relatively inexpensive to produce as compared to radio or TV advertisements, printed materials like banners, billboards, and business cards are efficient and effective marketing tools for any company. A strategically placed banner, or a well distributed business card, or even a large and eye-catching billboard, can generate positive company branding and, ideally, yield potential customers for your business.


Especially true if the design is visually arresting, a strategically placed banner advertisement can seriously boost a company’s visibility. Depending on the material, banners last long and can be reused for multiple locations and events, making them cost-effective and practical.

Versatile and mobile, banner ads can be used for targeted advertising; trade fairs and expos are great venues to place banners advertising your company, as these events are full of potential clients just looking for a product or service that you might be able to provide.

Business Cards

Business cards are probably one of the tiniest, but most direct, forms of advertising available. More personal and trustworthy than exchanging contact details online, business cards give a certain amount of credibility to your business.

Studies have also shown that creative business cards are more likely to be shared and passed on to other people, making it an effective and cheap advertising tool. Choosing the right print shop in Dallas, Texas could give you and your company an edge over your competitors.

Billboard Advertising

One of the most eye-catching and most visible way of marketing your company is still with billboard advertising. Because of its size and versatility, billboard advertising can be placed anywhere, maximizing exposure and visibility while remaining cost-effective. Depending on the size, billboards can be relatively lightweight and flexible, allowing it to be displayed in multiple locations and events, widening the reach of your company.

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Billboard advertisements stand out from their environment, making them especially useful in places with high foot traffic, or in drab urban settings. Billboards on the side of buildings, or as store fronts, can catch a great deal of attention at no extra cost to your company.