A guide to invisible aligners

In the UK, many people aspire towards straighter, better aligned teeth. This isn´t just for cosmetic reasons. Having straighter teeth makes it easier to keep a high standard of oral hygiene.

More and more adults are opting for treatments such as traditional braces. In Burnham, practices, such as The Dental Surgery Burnham, are offering treatments such as Invisalign, which is a more modern alternative to traditional ´train track´ braces.

How are invisible aligners better than traditional braces in Burnham?

Despite the traditional type of braces being the most tried and tested method of straightening teeth, they do come with numerous downsides. Many patients with braces complain of discomfort during their treatment and when braces are adjusted. The wire material that braces are made from may also rub against the inside of the patient’s mouth when chewing.

Another downside to traditional braces is that they make maintaining a high level of dental hygiene more difficult. As the wire and brackets are permanently fixed onto the teeth, small gaps and crevices are created between the braces and the teeth. In these gaps, harmful bacteria can take hold, multiply, and cause tooth decay if not removed properly

Invisalign treatment and its advantages

Invisalign treatment involves a series of clear plastic trays molded specifically for the patient’s teeth. These trays gradually move the position of your teeth. A huge advantage to this type of treatment is that the trays are removable, making it much simpler to brush and floss the teeth, keeping them as free from plaque as possible.

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As the plastic trays are clear, when they are in use, hardly anyone will be able to spot them. This property makes them much subtler than traditional braces, reducing the self-conscious feeling patients often experience when undergoing teeth straightening treatment.

Invisible aligners can make the morning routine a few minutes shorter, when compared with traditional fixed metal braces, through ease of cleaning. During treatment they can leave patients feeling more confident as they don’t need to worry about the ‘train track’ look. If you are interested to hear more about braces in Burnham, contact your local dentist.