Gum Disease and Severe Disorders: The Connection

Woman being gum checked in a dentist clinicDid you know that skipping brushing sessions could cause major health issues? Many studies revealed that gum disease has a connection to the development of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The New York State University Scientists in Buffalo believe that the bacteria will spread to your blood and cause inflammation, which activates tumor growth.

They found that people who don’t brush properly have greater chances of getting throat, gall bladder, lung, oral, skin, and breast cancer.

Before you set up an appointment with your dentist, Southpoint Quality Dental suggests that you check the other risks involved.

1. Gum disease brings about lung issues because your mouth directs to your airways and then to your lungs. If your mouth is filled with bacteria, you would most probably breathe the microorganisms in, which could cause infection.

2. The risk of experiencing miscarriage or premature birth is three times higher for women who have gum disease. Studies explain that the arteries that supply the womb could more likely be inflamed.

3. Researchers from the University of Central Lancashire School of Medicine and Dentistry discovered that poor dental health augmented the dangers of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Bacteria could seep into your brain and its immune response eradicates brain cells.

4. You must have heard that people with diabetes are more vulnerable to gum disease. Recent researches, however, disclosed that the connection operates both ways, which means gum disease also increases the risks of type 2 diabetes. This will have an impact on your insulin response.

Several studies have connected oral health to heart health. Some suggested that more bacteria in your mouth would cause your body to generate “inflammatory markers“. This will cause damage to your blood vessels that supply blood to your brain and heart.

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Lower your risk by brushing for at least two minutes before bed and before breakfast. Make sure you brush the area where your teeth meet your gums. Keep in mind that prevention is always a better option, so ensure that you take good care of your oral health before it’s too late.