Haste is Waist: The Proper Duration of Waist Training

waistWaist training has certainly sparked quite the buzz among fitness-conscious people. From overly excited teens and new mothers to Hollywood personalities, everybody is going crazy about waist training to achieve the perfect figure. Despite its popularity, the trend is still shrouded in mystery. There are so many giving it a shot, and there are just as many questions.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how long users should wear the trainers. The answer actually varies from person to person, but it usually depends on how long the wearer has been using the trainer and how comfortable they are.

A Gradual Process

The primary principle in waist training is to start with shorter sessions and then adding extra hours as you go along. For beginners, the ideal time is to wear the trainers for an hour. This time frame is usually the most comfortable for the first few days. Remember, your body needs conditioning for long hours of sessions later. So, in a way, the first days will be like a warm-up period.

Experts from WaistTrainersAustralia.com.au remind fitness enthusiasts that waist training is a gradual process. Don’t rush into adding longer hours, as this will only backfire. You’ll realise that the sessions will become uncomfortable, and may even trigger pain. This is usually the reason most people aren’t able to continue the activity. Because of the discomfort, they lose motivation before they see results.

Longer Training Sessions

Add to the total time as the days progress. For example, if you began with an hour for the first two days, add at least 15 minutes on the third day, and then another 15 a couple of days later and so on. These minutes will amount to hours by the end of the second week of training.

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Follow this until the body gets comfortable with wearing trainers for eight hours a day. While some spend at least 12 hours with the trainers on, eight is the safest and is most likely to produce good results.

Use your waist training to achieve that perfect hourglass figure. But remember, start slow. The most important thing is to be consistent and not be too hard on yourself or put a strain on the body. It’s also best if you will consult training experts or doctors to ensure safety and good health.