Heart of Unwanted Weight: Signs Your Kitchen is Making You Fat

FatWhilst weight gain is highly reliant on the amount of food you eat, the atmosphere in your kitchen can also affect your appetite. The wrong kitchen setup, choice of dinnerware, and even the wattage of your bulbs can cause you to overeat and sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Here are the signs that your kitchen is setting you up for failure and a few simple fixes:

You Use Bright Lights

Excessively bright lights can increase stress levels, affecting your appetite and causing you to eat faster than usual. This is why contemporary kitchen design experts use layers of light sources to vary atmosphere in the space. It is fine to turn on as many lights as you want when cooking, but you need to tone it down when eating. Make sure, however, to avoid too dim lights, as low lighting can lessen inhibitions.

You Have a Messy Space

A cluttered kitchen makes healthy eating and meal preparations harder. This is because it is much easier to grab some crisps or biscuits or order from a restaurant than it is to find ingredients and cook. A messy space also increases stress levels, stimulating your appetite. Make sure to clean your kitchen regularly and designate an area for eating only.

You Use Bigger Plates

Using a big plate encourages you to fill it up and finish what is on it. This is why it is best to use a smaller one to hold high-calorie meals such as pasta or meat, and a larger plate for vegetables. Experts also suggest changing the colour of your plate to eat healthy. If you want to eat more greens, serve it on a green plate. Green vegetables don’t stand out from the same colour, causing you to fill up more.

You Have an Overflowing Pantry

If you have grocery items in large packages, you are more likely to prepare or eat more food. Having a wide a variety of snacks can also cause you to overeat, as they are highly accessible. You can curb the temptation to eat more by keeping only one variety of your favourite snack in the house. You can also break down large packages into smaller containers or portions.

Do not let your kitchen set you up for failure. You can benefit from doing some remodelling to change the atmosphere in your kitchen. Getting help from design experts allows you to create a modern space that supports a healthy lifestyle.