How a Fast-Paced Lifestyle Affects Teeth

Child Drinking SodaEveryone is getting busier these days, not having enough time to sit or consume a real meal. Many are finding relief in nutrition bars, as well as carbonated beverages for supplying the energy they need every day. The trouble is, this fast-paced lifestyle and eating habits put a greater risk of damage to oral and general health.

Weak Tooth and Enamel

Poor diet, especially in kids and teens, can lead to premature enamel loss and weak tooth structure. It is important to note that adolescence is when bone growth is at peak, which means that the body need to nutrient- and mineral-packed foods. This is to strengthen the teeth and bones and give energy to the growing body. The sad part is, soda and sugary foods are preferred over healthy choices.

Easy Access to Unhealthy Choices

Pinole dentists like Craig J. Healy, DDS note that unhealthy foods have become a part of everyone’s diet because they are readily available at school, home, work, and stores. These compromise not just the oral health of both teens and adults, but also contribute to obesity. Both are also becoming addicted to sugary treats and caffeine, making it harder to encourage them to break the habit.

The Problem with Soda

Soda is a major culprit, as it contains not just plenty of sugar but different types of acid including citric, phosphoric, carbonic, and tartaric. These are associated with wearing away of enamel, especially when consumed regularly and frequently. The acids can also affect bone density by limiting calcium absorption.

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Risk for Dental Erosion

Consuming acidic and sugary foods and beverages can soften the enamel for a short amount of time, with the saliva helping in restoration by balancing the acid level in the mouth. If these foods, however, are consumed excessively, it will be harder for the mouth to balance the acid, increasing the risk for enamel erosion.

It is important for both teens and adults to consume more of healthy foods and limit soda, carbs, and sugars. It is also advisable to brush the teeth twice a day and floss once daily. Visiting the dentist for checkups and cleanings is also beneficial for keeping the teeth healthy.