How Has Orthodontics Changed Over the Years?

Dental InstrumentsPeople have always valued good teeth and bright smiles. Archaeologists have even discovered crude forms of braces, which is an important orthodontic appliance today.

Exponential progress

The goal of early orthodontic treatments has not changed with time, but the methods have changed and advanced exponentially. Like all other fields, dentistry and its branches have progressed with scientific and technological advancements. Dental practices like Caring Smiles Dental Clinic have many dentists specializing in orthodontics in Boise, and you can be assured of always getting the best and most modern treatment. Here are some advancements made in the field.

Options in braces

Braces have progressed from the standard metal braces to lingual braces. These are great for people in contact sports and those who play wind musical instruments. These fit along the tongue side and results in minimal damage if the patients get a blow on the face.

If you are an adult and have waited later in life to straighten your teeth, then Invisalign clear aligners are the best option. Invisalign will suit every budget and lifestyle, as they are comfortable and produce great results. They are discreet and do not interfere with daily life. There are also self-ligating braces which do not have arch wires and brackets, as they use a sliding technology to offer quicker results.

Customized treatments

With advances in computer technology, your orthodontists can examine your tooth movements in greater detail and create a personalized treatment plan. Doing this translates to lesser time with the dentist and with the appliances.

3D X-rays and CT scanners have helped in making precise diagnoses and accurate customizations. 3-D imaging allows orthodontists to plan the treatment. During the treatment, they can also make changes in the tray, to achieve the smile and bite they want.

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Changes are happening in this field on a daily basis, so check with your orthodontist and understand the options available. Get the best and latest treatment for you and your loved ones.